National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge

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  • 2014 Blood Drive Champions

    Long Beach Community College

    Student Organizer: Ivan Ceja

    Student Org: Coalition for Latino Advancement

    Event Advisor: Taila Roberton, Student Life Coodinator

    Blood Center: Amy Papageorges, American Red Cross

    1st-Time Donors: 183 (30.15% of Donors)

    Results: 607 Donors Registered

    Hispanic/Latino Donors: 384 (63.26% of Donors)

    509 Blood Pints Collected

  • Meet Scholarship Winner!

    Central Washington University

    Student Organizer: Celina Venegas, Public Health

    Student Org: College Assistance Migrant Program

    Event Advisor: Veronica Dimas

    Donor Recruiter: JayAnn Merkle

    Blood Center: American Red Cross

    Top 50 Rank: 50th (founder of 1st ever hear fair)

    Results: 56 Donors Registered
    (45 Hisp/Lat, 17 1st-time) 40 Blood Pints Collected

  • Meet Scholarship Winner!

    University of Texas at Austin

    Student Organizer: Vivian Esparza, Nursing

    Student Org: Hispanic Nurses Student Assc.

    Event Advisor: Dr. Arturo De Lozanne

    Donor Recruiter: Nisha Bagepalli

    Blood Center: South Texas Blood & Tissue Center

    Top 50 Rank: 36th

    Results: 101 Donors Registered
    (61 Hisp/Lat, 73 1st-time) 82 Blood Pints Collected

  • 2013 Blood Drive Champions

    Valencia Community College, Orlando FL

    Student Organizer: Hirangela Rosario, Bus Adm

    Student Org: Valencia Volunteers

    Event Advisor: Bernard Higgins, Coordinator

    Donor Recruiter: Janice Fahey

    Blood Center: OneBlood

    Top 50 Rank: 1st Place

    Results: 442 Donors Registered
    (228 Hisp/Lat, 188 1st-time) 619 Blood Pints Collected

  • Promotional Video

    Year: 2009 – 2012

    Event: National Slideshow

    Featured Songs: Chili Peppers

  • Meet Scholarship Winner!

    La Sierra University

    Student Organizer: Wendy Castro / Jazmin Naranjo

    Student Org: Hispanic Student Association

    Event Advisor: Center for Academic Success

    Donor Recruiter: Erik Martinez

    Blood Center: LifeStream

    Top 50 Rank: 25th

    Results: 145 Donors Registered
    (82 Hisp/Lat, 55 1st-time) 113 Blood Pints Collected

Service Learning Objectives:

Health/Science Careers

Promote workforce diversity in nursing, medicine, and public health.

Civic Engagement

Engage student and community organizations to collaborate in addressing community health concerns.

Health Education

Fight health disparity issues such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and diet/fitness.

Save Lives

Every pint of blood collected can save up to three lives!

Blood Centers say:

“We’re proud to be a part of the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge… {This} challenge is an opportunity to bring attention to two of LifeStream’s main objectives going forward: bridging the generations of blood donors and diversifying our donor base.”-Life Stream

“This national challenge serves as the perfect platform to create awareness among the U.S. Latino/Hispanic population of how very much they are needed.”-Heartland Blood Center.

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