2014 Most Successful Blood Drive Champions

2014 Champions- Long Beach Community College


Long Beach Community College wins the 2014 National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge edging out California State Univerity, Sacramento on a tie by scoring extra points by having included Bone Marrow Registry!

Long Beach Community College held a Week of Service honoring the Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez as an American civic leader. Different student organizations lead a series of daily activities.

The event helped build community and solidarity on campus in promoting healthy lives for all.

Student Organizer: Ivan Ceja

Student Organization: Coalition for Latino Advancement

Event Advisor: Taila Roberton, Student Life Coodinator

Blood Center: Amy Papageorges, American Red Cross

Pints Collected: 509 (86.42% of Goal)

People Registered: 607 (93.38% of Goal)

1st-Time Donors: 183 (30.15% of Donors)

Hispanic/Latino Donors: 384 (63.26% of Donors)

Bone Marrow Registry 10

“I’ve admired Cesar E. Chavez since I first learned about him, and the idea of organizing blood drives in his honor is great.”

Ivan Ceja, Student Organier @ Long Beach Community College – 2014 Champs!

Top 50 – Eligible for $1000 Scholarships

At least TEN $1000 Scholarships will be awarded. All Top 50 finalists are equality eligible and will be selected by Sept 1st, 2014. Selection criteria includes 1) Cum GPA, 2) Leadership, and 3) Community Service.

Top 20 Receive Plaques, Champions hold Perpetual Trophy during their championship year.

See scholarship eligiblity & selection process details

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Top 10 CAMP Grants – CAMPers for life!

The founding campuses for the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge were those with federally-funded grants called “College Assistance Migrant Program.” These CAMP grants focus on helping youth of migrant/seasonal farmworking background reach and succeed in higher education. We honor these campuses and very much in the principles of Cesar E. Chavez’s Legacy by hosting the ‘CAMPers for Life’ competition.

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