All U.S. blood centers are welcome to participate in the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge!

Migrants Students Foundation created the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge as a health service learning initiative in 2009 to provide an annual platform by which college students could engage their communities in health education, health/science careers, civic engagement, and saving lives!  We will forever be grateful to the blood services industry for facilitating the anchoring activity; blood donation.  Blood drives provide a standardization and measurable activity by which MSF could create a national friendly competition; a call to action for students to engage.  We invite all blood centers to apply for our new Partner Program so as to work even closer and more efficiently to further increase U.S. Latino/Hispanic blood donor participation within their service regions.

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Note: In order for a college/university to be acknowledged as participating in the campaign, a student must submit a Student Organizer Application; That student leader, endorsed by a staff/faculty as the event adviser, will show which blood center is their official partner for their campus.  Blood centers may recruit students to submit a Student Organizer Application with their blood center’s name on it. Former participant student leaders have a first-right to repeat their leadership role if they submit their renewable annual application by Nov 1st; If it’s a new campus or no application has been been received by Nov 1st, then first-come, first serve will be the new student organizer.  Contact to verify if a campus is ‘open’ for registration.


Remember! This is a ‘student-led’ service learning initiative.


Blood Center Partner Program

The following blood centers have self-identified as strategic collaborators with the Migrant Students Foundation committed to increasing the U.S. Hispanic/Latino community participation as blood donors by annually planning their participation and actively recruiting new colleges/universities to join the campaign.  Partner Program Application


Official Partner Blood Centers

Detailed National Results

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