In 2014, 27% of the 223 participating blood drives included bone marrow registry.

In 2015, our goal is to have 100% inclusion of bone marrow registry at every blood drive nationwide.


BeTheMatch Bone Marrow Donor Recruiters:  We welcome all of you!  Please invite your student leaders to APPLY for the Student Organizer role on their college campus so they be eligible for our $1000 scholarships. If the campus is taken, please consider joining the scheduled blood drive to promote the BeTheMatch bone marrow registry.  Students from all U.S. universities, colleges, and health trade schools are eligible to participate. For assistance, contact


Student Organizers:  You will earn points in the Chavez Challenge if you ADD bone marrow registry.  To ADD bone marrow registry to your blood drive, email the following information to Nadya Dutchin , national accounts manager for BeTheMatch

Email the following info to:

          • Name:
          • School’s name:
          • Date of blood drive:
          • Name of your blood center:
          • Name of your student organization:
          • Your phone number:
          • Your email Address:


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