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Lewis-Clark State College, ID – KLEW TV News Report (2013) – Born in Northern Idaho…. Spread nationwide!

LEWISTON, ID – The National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive started off as nothing more than a way for new minority students to meet and get involved on campus.

“I wanted to provide them an activity that they could present their leadership skills,” said Migrant Student Foundation Executive Director Glen Galindo. “That they could build relationships on campus that they could share as a cohort, that they would immediately have a positive impact on their new local community.”

But in 2009 they began getting other campuses involved.

“It’s a lot easier when a first generation student understands that their part of something that can be shared at a national level,” said Galindo.

And now this challenge has grown into a nationwide event. Schools in states as far away as New York, down to the southern tip of Texas, up through Minnesota and all along the west coast participate in this annual blood drive challenge. And the one thing that joins these blood campaigns together is where it all originated LCSC.

“Knowing that it started at LC and that it’s grown into a big beautiful program is really empowering,” said student Catherine Buckheit.

“When we have students from LCSC, Harvard, University of Miami, University of Michigan all doing the same activity, the same service learning, equally shared it’s powerful,” said Galindo. “They realize their part of something greater then themselves.”

Over 40,000 students will donate blood nationwide during the months of March and April.

“For those who have diseases, who need blood transfusions that’s why I donate,” said student Jonathan Waston.

This National Blood Drive challenge is set up in honor of Cesar Chavez’s Legacy.

“Cesar Chavez was an amazing community activist and he cared about the little guy and helping his neighbor,” said student Catherine Buckheit.

Clearly his legacy of giving is alive on the LCSC campus.

Last year more than 16,000 units of blood were collected nationwide, a number that they hope to surpass this year.

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