University of Texas at Austin
Student Organizer: Vivian Esparza, Nursing
Student Org: Hispanic Nurses Student Assc.
Event Advisor: Dr. Arturo De Lozanne
Donor Recruiter: Nisha Bagepalli
Blood Center: South Texas Blood & Tissue Center
Top 50 Rank: 36th
Results: 101 Donors Registered
(61 Hisp/Lat, 73 1st-time) 82 Blood Pints Collected
  • Meet Scholarship Winner!

    Central Washington University

    Student Organizer: Celina Venegas, Public Health

    Student Org: College Assistance Migrant Program

    Event Advisor: Veronica Dimas

    Donor Recruiter: JayAnn Merkle

    Blood Center: American Red Cross

    Top 50 Rank: 50th (founder of 1st ever hear fair)

    Results: 56 Donors Registered
    (45 Hisp/Lat, 17 1st-time) 40 Blood Pints Collected

  • Promotional Video

    Year: 2009 – 2012

    Event: National Slideshow

    Featured Songs: Chili Peppers

  • Meet Scholarship Winner!

    La Sierra University

    Student Organizer: Wendy Castro / Jazmin Naranjo

    Student Org: Hispanic Student Association

    Event Advisor: Center for Academic Success

    Donor Recruiter: Erik Martinez

    Blood Center: LifeStream

    Top 50 Rank: 25th

    Results: 145 Donors Registered
    (82 Hisp/Lat, 55 1st-time) 113 Blood Pints Collected

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