2015 Winners

Step 1:  Eligibility

Student Organizers for the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge are automatically considered for a $1,000.00 scholarship by submitting their Student Organizer Application.  Only one student will be selected as the Student Organizer per college/university campus by the Event Advisor and approved by the MSF Service Learning Coordinator.  Former student organizers are encouraged to return the following year to serve in this leadership role until they graduate, but must have their Event Advisor’s endorsement every year.  Applicants not selected to hold the Student Organizer role are encouraged to become assistants and apply for the leadership role the following year.


Step 2: Selection Process

The winner of the scholarship will be selected only from those Student Organizers who finish in the Top 50 most successful blood drives as determined by the point system discussed in the Student Organizer Manual. See Tools section on event page for details.  Other factors that will be considered in the selection process will be cumulative Grade Point Average, demonstrated Leadership, and Community Service activity. You will be asked to promptly submit your resume shortly after all the blood drives have been completed and scored.


Step 3:  Finalists

Additionally, Top 50 finalists will be suggested to create & post a 30-60 second YouTube testimonial video answering the following question as instructed by the YouTube video below.  Not mandatory, but highly recommended to help the Sponsors and Scholarship committee learn more about you and/or your team. You may include your club/chapter members or do it yourself; your choice.  Each individual sponsor may request your resume and may contact you directly. They will evaluate candidates based on 1) GPA, 2) community service, and 3) leadership.

Be sure to include in the title of your YouTube video the words “Chavez Challenge” and your school’s name; That way it will be found online.  Example:  “2014 Chavez Challenge – University of Texas at Austin”

Step 4:  Winners!

There will be at several winners!  Our objective to grow the Scholarship Fund to the level that all Top 50 may be awarded $1000 Scholarships. Some scholarship sponsors may opt to provide the $1000 value with inkind services, products or a discount towards their products/services. The winner(s) will receive the $1,000.00 directly. Scholarship winners have the option to either apply the award towards their own educational expenses, or share the award with their student organization.  100% of the sponsor charitable contributions are applied towards the scholarship awards.

The selection committee includes MSF Board Members, Sponsors, and the MSF Service Learning Coordinator.

Each institution is only eligible to receive on scholarship per years.

Selection Criteria: All Top 50 finalists are equally eligible. Criteria to be utilized by each sponsor and MSF scholarship committee varies, but generally include GPA, Leadership, Community Service, and their overall spirited engagement with the Chavez Challenge campaign.


SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS – watch instructional video   “Why I became a Student Organizer?”  Video Testimonial


Meet Vivian! of University of Texas (Hispanic Nurses Association) – $1000 Scholarship Winner!



Meet Celina! of Central Washington University (College Assistance Migrant Program) – $1000 Scholarship Winner!




Former Scholarship Winners


Vanessa Mendoza

HNSA – Hispanic Nurses Student Association

Univ of TX Health Science Ctr at San Antonio – Dr. Lark Ford

Blood Center Partner:  South Texas Blood and Tissue Blood Center – Sandy Cordell

Scholarship Sponsor:  Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson company

Top 50 Rank:  2nd

Meet Vanessa!


Jacky Hernandez

LTA – Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority & Cultural Greek Council

California State University, Long Beach – Brett Waterfield

Blood Center Partner:  Life Stream Blood Center – Kristy Heisser

Scholarship Sponsor:  Incept Communications

Top 50 Rank:  9th

Meet Jacky!


Graciela Berumen

BESO – Bilingual Education Student Organization

Kansas State University – Pedro Espinoza

Blood Center Partner:  American Red Cross – Kristi Ingalls

Scholarship Sponsor:   International Service Learning – $500

Top 50 Rank:  21st

Meet Graciela!


Vivian Esparza

HNSA – Hispanic Nurses Student Association

University of Texas at Austin – Dr. Arturo De Lozanne

Blood Center Partner:  South Texas Blood and Tissue Blood Center – Nisha Bagepalli

Scholarship Sponsor:  International Service Learning – $1000

Top 50 Rank:  36th

Meet Vivian!


Celina Venegas

CAMP – College Assistance Migrant Program

Central Washington University – Veronica Dimas

Blood Center Partner:  American Red Cross – JayAnn Merkle

Scholarship Sponsor:  Migrant Student Foundation

Top 50 Rank:  50th  (founder of first ever health fair!)

Meet Celina!


Alfred Rodriguez

Health & Science Club

Crafton Hills College – Dr. Truong

Blood Center Partner:  LifeStream – Marianna Knowles

Scholarship Sponsor: LifeStream Blood Center

Top 50 Rank:  50th


Harmanpreet Paneras & Michael Perez

Chicanos for Community Medicine

Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity

California State University, Northridge – Agustin “Augie” Garibay

Blood Center Partner:  LifeStream – Karen Limon

Scholarship Sponsor: Hemacare

Top 50 Rank:  20th

Vote for Best Picture Award – $200 Pizza Party Prize


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