Welcome to the National Cesar E. Chavez Blood Drive Challenge, the largest health service learning initiative in the nation.  Founded in 2009 with initially 42 college campuses, more than 300 campuses and 100,000 college students have participated since then.  The event is now affectionately referred to as “Chavez Challenge!”

Your role is to host a blood drive on your college campus honoring the Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez as an American civic leader. The blood drive must take place during March or April.


   Support contactSiSePuede@ChavezChallenge.org


The Chavez Challenge campaign has four objectives:

1. Promote Health Education

2. Promote Health & Science Careers

3. Promote Civic Engagement by honoring Cesar E.  Chavez’s Legacy as an American civic leader.

4. Encourage blood donation to….Save Lives!


First Step is to decide if you and your student organization are up to the challenge.  If you feel committed to the four campaign objectives and can commit sufficient time & energy to leading a successful campaign, then you will be welcomed to represent your college/university as part of this national campaign!

We especially invite health pre-professionals to participate. This health-service learning experience provides a platform to promote public health and help students create relationships within the health industry.

Next Step is complete your application, ensuring you have the endorsement & support from a staff/faculty/advisor (Event Advisor).   Typically, the Event Advisor is also the club/chapter’s advisor, but it can be anyone who will most passionately support the campaign on your campus long-term.  In order to submit your Student Organizer scholarship application, you will need to first obtain a tentative date for your blood drive from your local blood center.

If there are more than one blood centers in your community, you will need to choose one as your partner to the student organization you will be registering as the sponsor of your blood drive. You may have a one, two, or three-day event; only one day must be on campus, the other one or two could be either on campus or as part of a community event off campus.  Aim for a March or April date as close to March 31st as possible Review the Student Organizer Manual in the Support Tools page for ideas on how to make your event successful & fun.


Meet Vivian! of University of Texas (Hispanic Nurses Association) – $1,000 Scholarship Winner!


Meet Celina! of Central Washington University (College Assistance Migrant Program) – $1,000 Scholarship Winner!




2013 – La Sierra University (CA)



Vote for Best Picture Award – $200 Pizza Party Prize


Finding your partner Blood Center

Use your ZIP CODE within these two websites to find your nearest blood center(s).


America’s Blood Centers                                                                                     American Red Cross             

 Or email:  mbenton@americasblood.org                                                      Or email:  ChavezChallenge@RedCross.org 


Most Successful Blood Drive Champions

CAMPers for Life! Award Winners

Student Organizer Tools

$1000 Student Organizer Scholarship

 U.S. Map & List of Participating Colleges

Questions?   SiSePuede@ChavezChallenge.org

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