Student Organizers count with training & support from our service learning support staff. While the students will ultimately decide the size, scope, and shape of their local event, they can count with our remote assistance in coordinating their event.  Most importantly, the local blood center staff are experts at having successful blood drives and should be the first source for support and primary contact.  We also have template documents and a student organizer manual linked below.  Training webinars are available for your organization upon request.


1. Your Blood Donor Recruiters is your local PARTNER & COACH for you to consult on how to have a successful blood drive

2. Your blood drive event is UNIQUE to your club/chapter’s goals, your campus logistics/schedule, and your community needs.  It does not have to look like anyone else’s blood drive.  You decide how big or small, simple or fancy your event grows to be.

3. It’s YOUR EVENT; our role is to support YOUR decisions.


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Student Organizer Application

Student Organizer Manual & Forms

Questions & Answers (training videos)




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